How to Block/Unblock Senders Email’s Domain on Spectrum?

To block sender’s domain email address on spectrum email. You need to follow these steps that are given below:-

But before blocking the user you need to know that after blocking the user in spectrum webmail, can we get back the user as a normal account or an unblocking account in spectrum email because blocking someone is not a permanent thing. Sometimes we have worked with a blocked account or user, so we need to know that can we block and unblock a sender?

Yes, we can do both block and unblock email domain of a user and the procedure is given below for blocking & unblocking the sender spectrum email.

How to Block Email Sender on Spectrum

How to Block Email Sender on Spectrum

First of all, when we want to do anything we need to login to our spectrum email address.

  • The first step is to login spectrum webmail.
  • Go to the email inbox.
  • Click on the account then settings.
  • Then, click on filters and blocked senders.

( In this option, you can select the senders you want to block.)

  • Scroll down in blocked senders.
  • Here, you can put or fill the single email or a full domain of a user or a company. 
  • Click on the add option to add the user’s email or domain in the blocked sender.

How to Unblock Email Sender on Spectrum Manually

The same procedure will also accept for unblocking the senders’ email or domain with small changes. We will tell you shortly how to unblock the sender’s email or domain in spectrum webmail. You can also remove domain, email or addresses from blocked senders just by selecting or entering them and only you have to click on remove the email will remove from blocked senders from spectrum email. The users’ email or domain will automatically go back to a normal account and you can go back to work with them.

Note:– In Spectrum you can block email domain addresses, but when you want to block a domain you have to give a reason like you don’t want to do business with a company. And make sure that you are filling the proper email or domain because if you make a single mistake, you can face the problems in the future.

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